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What is Yanar Dag?

Yanar Dag, or Fire Mountain, is a burning hillside in Azerbaijan where a natural gas deposit has been burning since the 13th Century.

Where is Yanar Dag?

The hillside is located 25km north of Baku in Azerbaijan.

Yanar Dag – The Burning Mountain

In this article we will discover how to visit the incredible burning mountain known as Yanar Dag near Baku in Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan is a country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia on the old Silk Road and is a rich and rewarding place to visit.

A mix of European, Eastern and Persian influences create a stunning capital in Baku where the architecture, food and history vie for your attention.

What’s more, the city is also home to some stunning sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea which glitters under the sparkling skyscrapers built from oil wealth.

Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an up and coming country thanks to its natural resources, but it retains an old charm and an almost Mediterranean pace of life alongside the glitz and glamour.

It’s like a more sensible and friendly version of Dubai. And so it is that this wonderful country hides some incredible sites for those willing to look. One of these being Yanar Dag!

Fire Mountain: Yanar Dag

Yanar Dag is a burning mountain (actually a small hill) situated in the Absheron Peninsula 25km north of the capital Baku. This incredible display is like the little brother of the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan across the Caspian Sea.

A fire blazes continuously from natural gas deposits in the hillside. Azerbaijan has a long history when it comes to all things fiery, rooted in the early Zoroastrian religion and its worship of fire.

Flames have been burning on this peninsular since the times of Marco Polo and he observed the fires on his visit to the peninsula in the 13th Century.

Yanar Dag (Fire Mountain), Azerbaijan
Fire Mountain, Azerbaijan

Like Turkmenistan across the sea, Azerbaijan is blessed with vast natural gas and oil deposits which make this unique phenomenon possible. Legends abound about how this particular hill was set ablaze; the most recent being that a farmer set it off with a discarded cigarette.

A trip to the “Fire Mountain” will also reward the visitor with rolling green pastures overlooking Baku to the south. To the north you can see the pristine beaches of the Caspian.

The views really are spectacular and the best time to come is definitely just before the sun starts to set. Once it starts to get dark, the mountain comes into its own and the warmth and noise of the flames will leave you mesmerized!!

Getting to Yanar Dag from Baku:

By Car

Yanar Dag is located on the Binagadi-Balakhany Highway some 20km from central Baku. If you have a hire car or are lucky enough to know someone with a car in Baku, then the trip takes around 25 minutes.

By Bus

Take bus 217 from Koroglu Metro Station (40 minutes) and stay on the bus until the final stop. You can also take bus 147 from Azadliq Metro Station (30 minutes). Cost is .50 Manat.

Entrance Fee & Opening Hours for Yanar Dag:

Yanar Dag
The Burning Hillside!

The ticket cost is 3 Manat. You can buy online at TripAdvisor or pay at the site.

Opening Times: 09:00 – 18:00 7 Days a week.

For more information visit the official Website (which is in Azeri, but has English and Russian translations).

Things to do in Baku

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Baku Tours (including Yanar Dag)

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Where to stay in Baku

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