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If you are bored at home, then why not test your travel knowledge with these fun geography trivia questions. How well do you know famous landmarks, world capitals, flags and country outlines? Play the game and find out!

Do you know your York from New York, your Wales from New South Wales and your Vancouver from Versailles?

Each month we will bring you a new quiz to play. Share with family and friends to see who comes out on top! A great way to pass time and educational too!

So, are you ready to answer these geography trivia questions? Are you a Marco Polo or a Donald Trump? Have you got the skills to get them all right? Let’s find out…

Geography Trivia Questions

Sighisoara in Romania is the birthplace of which person?

Sighisoara, Romaina
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In which Chinese city will you find the Terracotta Warriors?

Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an
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Where is the Blue Mosque?

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Mount Everest spans which two countries?

Mount Everest
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The capital of Kazakhstan changed it's name to Nur-Sultan after the former president. By what name was it previously known?

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
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Lake Ohrid is in which country?

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
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Where is the Ryugong Hotel

Ryugong Hotel,Pyongyang, North Korea
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Where is the Bagt Koshigi Hotel?

Hotel Bagt koshgi Ashgabat
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Where is the Ang Thong Marine Park?

Ang Thong Marine Park
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Where is this?

Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, a Yurt in Mongolia
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Which European country is this?

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This is the flag of which country?

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